Sleep Issues? Here’s how you can help naturally.

When was the last time you got 7-8 hours of restful, uninterrupted, quality sleep? We can easily fall victim to busy schedule, the chaos of daily life, too much caffeine and screen time, unhealthy diet and become “wired and tired “-what happens when our hormones are out of control from chronic stress. I also know you can get what you think is 8 hours of good sleep yet still wake up utterly exhausted and feeling your body can’t recharge at night. What is the solution we often choose? Caffeine. carbs. sleeping pills. wine, all the things that don’t help us achieve quality sleep at all!

Our sleep health is so important-it allows our hormones to regulate a variety of functions and it affects our ability to regulate emotions, mood, maintain proper energy levels and immune system as well as influencing our appetite. The ability to burn fat and balance blood sugar levels has a direct link to sleep! Good news we can do so much!

First, a bit of self-principle… I know it sounds tough, but you have to put your electronic devices away-the blue light they emit is the enemy of sleep. Mobiles, tablets, TV-s, monitors and anything else with a bright screen can wake up your brain, especially if you are in the habit of a crawl-to-bed-and-check-my-social-media-one-last-time bedtime ritual!

The hormone Melatonin which puts you asleep, is simply not produced by the brain when exposed to artificial light, it tricks the brain into thinking it’s not night-time and so the melatonin levels are not increased as they should – so you’ll never fall asleep!

Are you drinking coffee, tea or alcohol in the afternoon? Caffeine keeps you awake because not only it is a stimulant but also depresses melatonin for up to 10 hours. Coffee drinkers take twice as long to drop off and they sleep an average one to two hours less. Although tea contains caffeine it’s also contains L-Theanine, an amino acid which encourages a relaxed state, inducing calming alpha waves in the brain.

And what about alcohol? Classified as a relaxant but it actually also promotes anxiety…that oh so tempting nightcap may seem to be the perfect cure for dulling your senses, making you drowsy-but your liver needs to metabolize it and that can disrupt your REM phase of sleep, causing you to wake up or toss and turn all night. Alcohol also depletes the important neurotransmitter GABA and vitamin B group.

Check your diet! Cutting back on sugar, especially in the afternoon and evening can bring great results. Sugar can cause blood glucose peaks and lows, tricking you into eating too much, causing cravings and bringing on bad food choices-so those late-night snacks can keep you from sleep while your body works hard to digest.

Does your diet contain enough vitamins and minerals? Vitamin B group is especially important for brain and sleep health and calcium and magnesium work together to calm the body and help the nerves and muscles to relax. Dairy products, nuts, seeds, seafood and green vegetables are great sources of both. Help from Herbs Many herbs have sleep inducing properties, Valerian in particular is often referred as nature’s Valium. Chamomile, Passion flower, Hops, Lavender and Lemon Balm are also great to calm you down and help you sleep. All you have left to do is check your bedroom!

It’s so worth it to practice a Night-time ritual to wind down your body. Try removing electronics, lowering the temperature, make sure your bedroom is fresh and aired. Shut off all unnecessary lights to keep your room dimly lit, your body will thank you And finally my beloved Aromatherapy!

Just as when you were a baby fresh to this world, you must create a Night-time routine to nurture your sleep.

A soothing bath, calming your mind with a book, meditation, sipping your cup of herbal tea or Essential Oils working for your benefit can all be a part of your calming routine.

For this purpose, I am so glad I created Sweet Dreams Darling. Experimenting and getting great feedback from my many, many clients, young or old, many of us might suffer from Sleep Deprivation and not only they reported back it’s working but also, it’s very effective for anxiety!

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Hi, my name is Szilvia and my main driving force and passion for the last 17 years was compassionate healing, I love nothing more than creating beautiful botanical lotions, creams, serums and balms from natural ingredients.

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