Hey there,

I hope you are well and enjoying this lovely weather!
I can’t believe it July already,a month dedicated to resting,taking time and creating space
within to grow your new ideas…well the current Heatwave couldn’t be more helpful 🤩we
can only take it slow.

I just wanted to share with you the recipe for my Isotonic Green Tea
Lemonade to help you beat the hot weather, seems like we have a proper Summer now!…and of course you totally love it but it’s quite tough on the body,so you need

-electrolytes/provided by coconut water/
-vitamin C /lemon,lime to help circulation/
-minerals /for increased sweating,comes from Himalayan salt in recipe/
-energy/Coconut Blossom Sugar or Erythritol/
and a gentle pick-me-up effect from the green tea to keep you going without depleting your
body so here you go:

Isotonic Green Tea Lemonade:

Make a green tea infusion using 3 bags in a liter of hot-not boiling-water,leave it for 5 min
Mix in 100 g Coconut Blossom Sugar or Erythritol/for diabetics or those on diet,halves the
Mix in the juice of 2 lemons and 1 lemon and a lime sliced,
Mix in 300 ml Coconut Water,200 ml cold water and a pinch of Himalayan Salt,
Throw in loooots of ice cubes and some mint leaves and enjoy!
Will keep you hydrated and nurtured,contains no preservatives ,colorants,aromas,caffeine
like the shop bought and keeps the environment plastic free!
Hope you will like it and I wish you a wonderful,relaxing Summer,

Chat soon,


PS, do you feel you could do with some extra TLC if it comes to your skin?
Is it dry from sea water,sun or chemicals in the pool?

Check my Fresh!Summer Whipped Body Butter and I can guarantee you it will bring that glow back.


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Szilvia Tomor

Hi, my name is Szilvia and my main driving force and passion for the last 17 years was compassionate healing, I love nothing more than creating beautiful botanical lotions, creams, serums and balms from natural ingredients.

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