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Sustainability Statement

Nature is at the heart of Szilvias Holistics and as a Clinical Aromatherapist and Holistic Healer, I feel honoured to Mother Nature beyond words for the extraordinary Magic brings into people’s lives.

Whether we are aware of it or not we are one, and true health means living in balance and harmony with the environment. We are linked energetically to every living thing on the planet be it animal, plant or rock, the old rule of “Cause No Harm“ should be respected as we humans would never survive without our co-habitant on Earth.

Sustainability FAQ

For Aromatherapy Products my beloved ingredients coming from trusted suppliers are green in their practices and

-Sustainably grown

-Fair Trade with farmers

-Organic whenever possible

-Ethically sourced

-Airmiles considered as much as possible


Deep respect for Mother Nature means we don’t want to exploit her either, that’s why I love using natural ingredients, Essential Oils and Carrier Oils, butters, floral waters are by-products of the food industry.

Just like Raspberry Oil, Peach Kernel Oil, Cranberry Seed Extract, they are fantastic!

Anti-aging, hydrating, beautifying and not a single living thing harmed in the process-they would be discarded otherwise.

As an animal rescuer myself, the biggest NO to animal testing, ironically my dear clients-friends are more than happy to become guinea pigs themselves and test my products!

They give me fair feedback and we have so much fun.

My oils goes into glass bottles, balms and creams into alu tins .

They are recyclable, re-usable and I am happily taking them back/you can pop them back in person if around Kilcock/cleanse and sanitize them before re-using them.

Then I double the amount and send it to Littlehill Animal Rescue, my chosen Charity to support or sometimes buying building materials for my Sanctuary, where currently 14 rescued chickens live.

I use carton boxes, paper tapes and if you find any plastic as filling or wrapped around delicate items be assured this is their second trip!

I cleanse and re-use every single bit of plastic sent to me by suppliers, to give them another go.

…and the best bit? Being the ultimate good girl even my website and hosting running on green energy so as you are reading this you can be sure we both saving the environment,

I am passionately committed to not only producing the highest quality natural products but also raising awareness about sustainability and of course, championing all things Holistic.