Angelic Energy Healing – The myths and the facts

I had a privilege to experience and study Angelic Energy Healing with a fantastic Debbie Boyle and I am absolutely blown away. It is such a wonderful healing modality to work with a pure divine Angelic Intelligence for releasing old wounds, energy blockages, fear and limitations.

Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels are equally assisted back to balance, aura and chakra system healed and what I love about it the most that’s the inner peace and feeling of freedom during the session. We all hold on to so much trauma, originating from past lives, childhood memories or heartbreak, loneliness.

With the Angels help it can be healed in a deep level for once and for all because being well, whole, happy and healthy is our birthright and I am so incredibly grateful for the Angels for being there for us, comforting and healing with no judgment just pure unconditional love.

Why not manifest the highest good for us, loved ones and community? If you heal that elevates everybody around you as we are so closely linked, sharing space and time during this earthy experience.

What happens in the treatment room? You just lay down fully clothed under a warm blanket, with candles and crystals around, listening to the sound music and enjoy the healing divine energy what I channel and transfer, placing my hands over your body, directed by the Angels where the healing needed most. It is a very deep relaxing experience, and equally strong as a distant healing in the comfort of your own home.

With so many reviews and references I am so glad and honored to work with this incredibly effective healing light and I hope to share it with many more.

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Szilvia Tomor

Hi, my name is Szilvia and my main driving force and passion for the last 17 years was compassionate healing, I love nothing more than creating beautiful botanical lotions, creams, serums and balms from natural ingredients.

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