The Benefits of Essential Oils


More and more people looking for natural solutions to improve their self-care and health, managing symptoms or just feeling better in their skin.

What essential oils can do for you and what they really are?

 They are natural aromatic compounds found in the roots, seeds, stems, barks, leaves and flowers of various plants. Sometimes called the blood of the plant, the liquid life force of the plant they are supercharged, many times more potent than their dried-herbal counterparts. They are simply the best plant-based remedy that exists, and they have been successfully used for hundreds of years.

With instantaneous results and ability to use them as needed, there is virtually no downside to using essential oils when you use them safely. Within minutes you will experience results. Once you begin to experience their power they will become an important part of your daily routine, empower you to make foundational changes in your health care regimen and leave you with increased vitality and balanced mind and body.

The secret beyond their incredible potency is that they are adaptogenic. Adaptogens are plant substances that help us adapt to the internal and external environmental factors that cause stress.

They support our body’s system, including hormonal balance, moods, immune system, and overall homeostasis. They can be calming or energizing, grounding, or uplifting while affecting our body on a cellular level.

They work quickly and effectively, as you inhale an essential oil it only takes a minute to penetrate the bloodstream through the respiratory system while triggering a response in the brain.

We also must take it into account the dirty secrets behind toxins lurking in our everyday life.

Everything from the food we eat to the air we breathe, from the beauty products we apply to the medicines we take, could be harming our cellular and hormonal functions, cognitive function, and weight.

Essential oils help your body to excrete this toxin by empowering the work of urinary, digestive systems and by balancing your mood, helping you to better life changes.

Whether for sleep or mood, libido, or hormones there seems to be an essential oil for everything!

Inexpensive, easily portable, and intoxicatingly aromatic, essential oils enable us to take charge of our own health care and begin to heal ourselves.

They can help to manage stress load, help to be mindful of what to eat, and empower us to exercise.

Supporting positive lifestyle changes and sustain wellbeing, a whole new world is waiting for you to discover.


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Szilvia Tomor

Hi, my name is Szilvia and my main driving force and passion for the last 17 years was compassionate healing, I love nothing more than creating beautiful botanical lotions, creams, serums and balms from natural ingredients.

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