Square Fixer Gift Hamper

Introducing the IT Professionals Aromatherapy Gift Hamper.



Introducing the IT Professionals Aromatherapy Gift Hamper. A rejuvenating sanctuary for those who work tirelessly at their computer. This hamper is the perfect companion for modern-day tech heroes, designed to provide comfort, relief and a touch of tranquility.

Square Fixer Hand Balm:
Say goodbye to the discomfort of carpal tunnel syndrome, numbness and wrist pain with my Square
Fixer Hand Balm. Crafted with care, this Balm delivers a sense of relief and comfort that lingers, making long hours at the keyboard a breeze.

Screen Saver Roll-On Blend:
Bid farewell to workday woes with this handy Aromatic help. A natural remedy for headaches and fatigue, this healing elixir is expertly formulated to gently soothe the mind and elevate focus. Just roll on ,breathe in and let the stress melt away.

Mind Your Back Massage Oil
The grind of daily work can weigh on your neck and shoulders. My Mind Your Back Massage Oil is your secret weapon against those persistent aches and pains. Let the soothing touch of deeply healing essential oils combined with nurturing vegetal oils release
tension and restore vitality to your day.

This Aromatherapy Gift Hamper is more than just a present, it’s a gesture of appreciation for the dedication and hard work of your IT friends and colleagues. It’s time to pamper and rejuvenate those who keep the digital world spinning, making their workdays a little brighter and their bodies a lot happier.

Comes with a Free Gift Bag!!!


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