Green Detox Massage Oil

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Nettle infused Oil is a real gamechanger for blood circulation and lymph flow, Castor Oil draws out the toxins and Hypericum Oil heals tissue and skin problems.



Have you ever experienced your body being sluggish, sore, water logged with some cellulite buildup?

As we walk through-sometimes hectic-Life, trying to be everything for everyone, our body just needs a little nudge from time-to-time to detox properly, refresh and renew.

This wonderful blend is designed for just this, helping professional bodyworkers in slimming, anti-cellulite treatments, massage and cupping treatments alike, for home use for everyday detox and maintaining healthy weight.

Nettle infused Oil is a real gamechanger for blood circulation and lymph flow, Castor Oil draws out the toxins and Hypericum Oil heals tissue and skin problems meanwhile the powerful combo of Sweet Birch, Juniper Berry, Lavender, Rosemary and Lemon Essential Oils are toning, slimming and rejuvenating the body and bring about energy and playfulness.


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– Nettle Infused Grapeseed Oil
– Castor oil
– Hypericum oil
– Vitamin E oil
Essential Oils:
– Sweet Birch
– Juniper Berry
– Lemon
– Rosemary
– Lavender


150ml, 500ml

7 reviews for Green Detox Massage Oil

  1. Anca Vlad

    Very good for cellulite and slimming, makes my legs feels lighter and my skin so soft!Love the smell too!

  2. Daniel

    My work is physically very demanding and I suffer from constant back pain.Recently purchased a few stuff from Szilvia for my wife birthday and she very kindly returned the favor and bought this oil for me.I must say I feel the difference,defo less pain and my posture is better,so far is good.

  3. Dave

    I am attending Szilvias clinic for many years now,however durind the pandemic I wasn’t able to go and I struggled with my back constantly.She recommended this oil for me and I am happy to say it worked.Now we incorporate into the massage treatment and pain is fully gone.

  4. Emmeline

    I purchased GreenDetox Oil for my cellulite and I really see a difference,my skin is definitly looking betterGreat to find a natural product what works,thank you

  5. Lisa jane Crookes

    Amazing blend and oil. I am a massage therapist and have done aromatherapy but i have not qualified yet so I use this oil on my clients and the results have been exceptional. A client after having her 2 breasts removed and suffers from Lymphoma ever since has had great results and less fluid after using this oil with Lymphatic drainage massage also. Another client has suffer with swollen legs and you could never see her ankles after a few session of cupping massage and I incorporated Szilvia’s detox blend which i had amazing results. Even the doctor is shocked and delighted from the results. I would highly recommend this oil to anyone suffering with any kind of swelling, fluid retention, Lymphoma, tiredness and many more. Talk to Szilvia for advice. Lisa Jane Clonee

  6. Katja

    Being a Holistic Therapist I am thrilled to finally found a super effective product with 5 star ingredients, all natural.
    Szilvia knows exactly what a professional needs!
    Thank you so much for creating this beautiful blend I use it everyday in my practice and on my legs too.

  7. Barbara from Dunboyne

    I find Szilvia’s products absolutely amazing. Such great quality luxurious bodycare and a delight to use. I’m a massage therapist and used this fantastic oil in my clinic and my clients all loved it. So much love and care gone into all of Szilvia’s wonderful creations.

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