Breathe In Breathe Out Chest Rub

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A great balm for the relief of breathing and chest ailments.



A great balm for bronchitis, asthma, catarrh, phlegm and for chest infections, a must-have for the winter months! Dandelion and Peppermint infused Sweet Almond oil to ease the breathing, Arnica to bring about quick healing and deeply penetrate tissues and a wonderful, rich combination of Eucalyptus, Hyssop, Aniseed, Pine, Basil and Lavender to speed up your recovery with some potent plant magic.



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Weight50 g

– Dandelion and Peppermint infused Sweet Almond oil
– Arnica infused oil
– Vitamin E
– Beeswax
– Shea Butter
Essential oils.
– Eucalyptus
– Hyssop
– Aniseed
– Pine
– Basil
– Lavender

5 reviews for Breathe In Breathe Out Chest Rub

  1. Toth Peter

    My son had recurrent chest infection,this balm really helped,we applied 3-4 times a day and coughing and pain was easier,thank you Szilvia

  2. Attila

    I do work outside during the winter and this great balm always helps when I am cold or coughing.A gift from my wife and I really like it.

  3. Dorina

    From wearing mask at work in last 2 years was detrimental for my health because as a child I suffered from asthma, this balm brought so much relief, eased my breathing and was great when I had sinus issues and cold.Will defo buy again next winter!

  4. Emma Jane

    Absolutely brilliant Chest Rub really helped me when I suffered chest infection and cold…will definitely be back for more!

  5. Szilvia

    Hi Szilvia,how are you?I brought my Breathe In Breathe Out balm.It is amazing.I had the start of congestion in my throat and chest.I rubbed this on and 2 hours later much freer to breathe.It smells so nice too.As an asthma and hay fever sufferer I have tried everything.I will be recommending this to everyone.xx

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