Baby Shower Gift Hamper

Celebrate the miracle of motherhood with my thoughtfully curated gift hamper



Celebrate the miracle of motherhood with my thoughtfully curated gift hamper, designed to pamper and nurture the new mom-to-be.

Here is what is inside:


Sleeping Baby Aromatherapy Shea Butter Soap:

Crafted in the shape of a peaceful sleeping baby, this lovely soap is gentle, just like the mother’s touch yet deeply nurturing leaving the skin feeling soft and cherished.

Created with skin-loving shea butter and heavenly-scented essential oils, it’s a self-care ritual every time she uses it.

70 g

Dula-Your Birthing Companion Aromatherapy Candle:

Light this aromatic candle in the delivery room and let it’s soothing scent take you through this beautiful journey. Expertly selected blend of essential oils to provide comfort and strength

20 hours burning time

Scars and Stretchmarks Body Oil:

For the mom who deserves nothing but the best, this natural massage oil is formulated to help heal and rejuvenate the skin, a reminder of the incredible transformation of motherhood.

The soothing Calendula and regenerative Peach Kernel Oil combined with beautifying essential oils guarantees glowing, healthy skin

150 ml

Pavloviceva Nappy Cream:

A gentle and effective nappy cream to keep the little one comfortable and happy.

It’s a loving touch for those sensitive areas helping with any redness and irritation with the healing power of nature.

100 g


All products are handcrafted with care using the power of essential oils, natural waxes and butters.

Each item is a testament to my commitment to nurturing and pampering, just like a mother’s love.

Make this baby shower an unforgettable experience with a gift that radiates warmth, love and care.


*Comes with a free gift bag


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