XXXX Over 40 Perimenopausal Blend

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A powerful blend of essential oils specifically designed for women over 40 to put a little pep back in your step.



Calling for all Selfcare Lovers out there, here is some serious TLC in a bottle to discover!

The ultimate pulse blends created for busy women and are a real game changer!

Can be used as a quick fix on the go or part of your Aromatherapy Ritual they will relax, empower and realign your body, mind and soul. The powerful plant magic of carefully selected Essential Oils work wonders on the nervous &hormonal system, bring along calmness, health and peace.


Like it or not, women’s bodies and hormonal systems change after the fourth X (decade), for some it’s weight gain mainly around the middle, tiredness, period irregularities, mood swings, cravings, less sex drive or depression-all due to the rising and falling levels of estrogen and progesterone.

Good news that Nature as always gives a helping hand, in form of powerful but gentle combination of beautiful essential oils.

They smell like heaven, the practical roll-on bottle can be used everywhere and anytime and will put you back on track.

Additional information

Weight10 g

– Fractionated Coconut Oil
– Clary Sage
– Geranium
– Jasmine
– Lavender 

3 reviews for XXXX Over 40 Perimenopausal Blend

  1. Jo Corrigan

    I love applying this to my temples and wrists and always keep it to hand whether I’m chilling at home, at work or when I’m out and about.

  2. Karen

    This is my favourite of Szilvia’s products, constantly with me but particularly needed at that of the time of the month when I might be feeling a bit down. It smells gorgeous and Familiar

  3. Lisa Jane

    The XXXX Peri Menopause is great, the smell is beautiful, no sweats and I slept better too, thank you

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