Smooth Things Over – Soothing Skin Cream

A gentle yet profoundly effective all-purpose soothing skin cream.



Introducing Smooth Things Over, a gentle yet profoundly effective all-purpose soothing skin cream, crafted to restore and regenerate skin affected by irritation, redness, eczema and the woes of dryness and flakiness. This cream is a versatile solution, perfect for children’s delicate skin, adults seeking relief and older people who deserve extra care.

Thanks to the amazing ingredients it’s not just about moisturising, it’s about creating a barrier that defends against the harsh elements of daily life that can exacerbate skin issues. The carefully balanced formulation works diligently to reduce flaky and itchy skin, leaving a feeling of hydration and smoothness in its wake.

Embrace the comfort of healthier, more balanced skin with every soothing dollop.

Recyclable, reusable aluminium tin.

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50g, 100g


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