Scars and Stretch Marks Massage Oil

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The healing power of essential oils will work wonders in beautifying and regenerating your skin.



Sometimes Life just marks us, be it a pregnancy, quick growth of a teen, weight loss or weight gain or some hormonal issues our precious skin can be striated.

Some people say they are telling your story however if you have enough of that story and want to get your beautiful skin back then this product is the one for you!

The healing power of Dandelion &Calendula Oils, Wheatgerm oil and Vitamin E for re-texturize, Apricot Kernel oil for creating a firm, smooth surface and the power combo of Lavender, Bergamot, Frankincense and Roman Chamomile essential oils will work wonders in beautifying and regenerating your skin.

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– Dandelion & Calendula Infused Oil
– Wheatgerm Oil
– Apricot Kernel Oil
– Vitamin E Oil
– Lavender
– Bergamot
Essential oils:
– Frankincense
– Roman Chamomile 


150ml, 500ml

3 reviews for Scars and Stretch Marks Massage Oil

  1. Renata

    After my second pregnancy my skin wasn’t the same. Szilvia recommended this for me. After a few weeks you could see the difference, I am getting back my confidence! Thank you so much

  2. Aileen (verified owner)

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE this oil, I used it throughout my pregnancy and now using it postpartum too. I have to say it makes a huge difference and the smell is divine!

  3. Laura

    Unfortunately my first pregnancy left me with some strechmarks so I was really searching for a good product for my second pregnancy,I am so glad I found this lovely oil…leaves my skin firm and soft and my stretchmarks are almost invisible!Thank you

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