Protective Pathfinder

Map Jasper, Labradorite & White Jade – Necklace / Bracelet / Set.



This beautiful set can help you to find your true calling and your own path and have the power to follow it without detours and distractions.

Map Jasper helps you to renew and cope with changes, gently nurturing along the way, shielding your aura from electromagnetic and environmental pollution, radiation and stress.

The highly mystical Labradorite repels unwanted vibes, preventing energy from leaking and removing other people’s projections.

White Jade filters distractions to achieve optimal results and assists in decision-making.

A trusted companion on your spiritual journey and at the crossroads of life.


Bracelet – 19-20 cm

Necklace – 50 cm

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Bracelet, Necklace, Complete Set


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