Christmas Hamper


Introducing my delightful Christmas Gift Hamper. A treasure trove of handcrafted natural products designed to fill your festive season with pure bliss. This charming Hamper is a true embodiment of love and care:

Christmas Blessings Aromatherapy Candle:
Imagine the soft flickers of candlelight infusing your space with the warm embrace of holiday
aromas. This lovely candle exudes a cosy blend of spices and evergreens, turning your home into a winter

Warm Touch Hand Balm:
The brisk Irish winters can be tough on your hands but fear not! My Warm Touch Hand Balm enriched with nourishing ingredients offers an oasis of comfort. Say goodbye to dry, chapped skin as you indulge in the creamy goodness of this handcrafted aromatherapy balm.

Christmas XXX Festive Lip Balm:
This is the season for mistletoe kisses and my nourishing Lip Balm is here to keep your lips mistletoe ready! Let the delightful, seasonal scents and silky texture pamper your lips with the care they deserve. This Christmas Gift Hamper handcrafted in Ireland is the ideal way to send warm wishes and spread the magic of the season.

Embrace the joy and share the love with this exquisite gift that make your holiday season extra

*Includes a Free Gift Bag


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