Calm Me Down Bath Oil

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Calm Me Down Bath Oil, perfect for relaxation and sleep



For Perfect Relaxation and Sleep

If you need to slow down, instill peace & tranquility then take a little time to soak those worries away with this wonderful Bath Oil.

After a hard day’s work unwind with the signature blend of premium,100% pure  Essential Oils of Petitgrain, Clary Sage, Cedarwood, Sweet Marjoram and Lavender, let the power of Nature help you switch off for a restful, worry-free night.

Add 2 tablespoons to your full bath, swirl it gently then lay back and enjoy your comforting, well deserved Aroma Ritual.



5 reviews for Calm Me Down Bath Oil

  1. Tania

    This oil is just devine, the perfect product after a bath, noureshes the skin and it has a very calming effect on the mind. Its part of my evening ritual after a busy day.

  2. Marianna

    I absolutely love this oil and use it every night,help me to relax as my work is very hectic and stressful.I fall asleep so much easier,thank you Szilvia

  3. Adrian

    I got this oil as a gift from my wife and it really works.I practice meditation and mindfulness and it helps me to let go of the day,thank you Szilvia

  4. Dorina

    Arrived beautifully packaged, smell absolutely divine…will undoubtedly back for more!

  5. Attila Safian

    Great bath oil relaxing the muscles after a hard day’s work and very nourishing for my skin.

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