Lomi Lomi Massage – A history

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage

Lomi Lomi is an ancient Hawaiian Healing Art practiced by hundreds of years by master practitioners/Kahuna/and elders/Kupuna/they were revered bearers of the light of knowledge that surrounded this spiritual work and passed down this sacred gift from generation to generation.

This powerful and transformational system of healing practices, teachings, psychology, and philosophy existed before the arrival and conquering of Hawaii by a Samoan chief around 1200 AD.

Following settlement and rule by European missionaries the ancient systems of Lomi Lomi, Lua and Chanting were officially declared illegal.

It was only in 1978 when US passed American Indian Religious Freedom Act and the ancient healing system could be practiced without the fear of arrest. By this time, most of the practices had been lost or only practiced in secret by a few Kahunas. After that Lomi Lomi was first taught again by Aunty Margaret Machado in modern style and quickly became one of the most revered and loved type of bodywork worldwide.

The master healers of Hawaii knew powerful tools to release blockages held in the body to facilitate positive changes on all levels and reconnect the person with his or her true personal power and unlimited potential.

Lomi awakens the spirit of Aloha which penetrates an ancient realm of wisdom and truly inspires healing, also addressing imbalances and limitations as well as improving circulation and overall well-being.

Traditionally this sacred massage was used as part of initiation at cornerstones of Life like puberty or marriage but beside that every family had a version of Lomi for everyday use and children massaged parents coming back from taro fields or walked their back and elders massaged kids to keep everyone happy and healthy in the family. Lomi today is still the same.

We practitioners see ourselves as Ohana/family/ lovingly massaging clients as they would be our sisters, mother, father, grandmother united by the Spirit of Aloha. We use many tools to assist our clients in overall alignment physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Lomi incorporates rhythmic, dance-like movements using forearms, elbow, palm, sticks and hot stones in addition to spiritual chants and prayer.  Hawaiians understands health in terms of energy flow, wherever a blockage disrupting the natural flow of energy, disease or ill-health created, therefore there is no better way to release this than the long, continuous flowing strokes, resembling the waves of ocean, the ebb and flow, it is an experience overwhelm the ever-active mind with sensation, so it is finally able to switch off and relax.


This sacred dance-like movement in a safe space enables our clients to connect with the rhythm of Nature, the divinity within and bring about deep healing, the feeling of Oneness.

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Szilvia Tomor

Hi, my name is Szilvia and my main driving force and passion for the last 17 years was compassionate healing, I love nothing more than creating beautiful botanical lotions, creams, serums and balms from natural ingredients.

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