Angelic Energy Healing – The myths and the facts

I had a privilege to experience and study Angelic Energy Healing with a fantastic Debbie Boyle and I am absolutely blown away. It is such a wonderful healing modality to work with a pure divine Angelic Intelligence for releasing old wounds, energy blockages, fear and limitations. Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels are equally assisted […]

Is Holistic Therapy for you?

Oncology Massage

Holistic Massage Therapy often referred to as Holistic Therapy gaining popularity because of its many health benefits combined with deep feeling of relaxation. Everybody loves a good back rub, but did you know Holistic Massage works simultaneously on body, mind, and soul? Of course, it feels lovely, a little me time, well deserved TLC but […]

What’s in your cards?


There is many Tarot and Oracle decks in the world, but all designed to answer a variety of questions with the timeless concepts of transformation, healing and understanding. As we walk the path of Life there is many elements we cannot see. Most of us just not ok in unknown, uncharted waters and desire certainty […]